[Video] The formula for getting unstuck when you want to make a big life change

The formula for getting unstuck

You want to change your career, but you’re afraid of losing a stable paycheck.

You want to let go of a relationship, but you’re afraid of ending up alone.

You want to stop spending time with someone who sucks the energy out of you, but you’re afraid they’ll hate you.

You create a narrative. You make up a story that supports staying where you are, playing it safe, not taking risks. You come up with reasons to delay the actions you want to take. You tell yourself now is not the right time, even though you know that the right time might never come.

You’re not happy. You feel conflicted inside.

One voice wants you to make the change despite your uncertainty about the outcome. Another voice wants to protect you from failing.

It doesn’t matter if those voices belong to people in your life or if they’re inside your head. It’s confusing.

After all, you don’t really know what it will look like to make a career change, break up with your partner, or set a boundary with a friend.

You’re not alone. Many women get stuck with a narrative that prevents them from stepping out of their comfort zones and taking positive actions.

To be honest, as a mentor, I get very excited when one of the women I work with says she wants to create change in her life but feels stuck. I know well how to navigate our conversations to empower her to make the right choice. I’ve done it for myself and for hundreds of other women.

The process of getting unstuck is different for different women. But there are two questions I always ask. Once you answer these two questions, you can get out of the rut and conquer the fear. I PROMISE.

Watch today’s vlog and discover the two questions you must ask yourself to overcome the fear of making a significant life change.  

Which one of these two questions will empower you more today?

Tell me in the comments area below.

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