[Video] How has the pandemic affected your relationships?

How has the pandemic affected your relationships

Let me start with an acknowledgment that the pandemic is not over yet. But in many places, such as here in New York, things are getting better, and a full reopening is on the horizon.

Coming out of the “pandemic cocoon” is a healing process by itself. First, you want to focus on yourself. Caring for yourself—being kind and compassionate—should always come first. Then it might be time to take a close look at your relationships.

In today’s vlog, I will get you started on the process of evaluating and healing your relationships. I will share a study, a few facts, and observations on our relationships. I’ll also offer four different solutions and one meaningful piece of advice on managing relationships with conflicting values or opinions.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. See you in the comments area.

Shine on!


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