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The Key Feature Every MIDI Keyboard Should Have in 2023


In the ever-evolving world of music production, MIDI keyboards have become an essential tool for musicians and producers. They offer versatility and control, allowing you to create and manipulate sounds with ease. In 2023, there is one key feature that every MIDI keyboard should have: Bluetooth functionality.

Wireless Performance without Cords

Bluetooth functionality enables MIDI keyboards to connect wirelessly to your devices, eliminating the need for cables and adapters. This feature allows for seamless music creation, giving you the freedom to play drums and keys without being tethered to a laptop or iOS device. Whether you’re on-the-go or inspired in the moment, a Bluetooth MIDI keyboard ensures that you can make music whenever and wherever you want.

Impressive Performance and Functionality

This particular keyboard, sponsored by Mwave, offers excellent Bluetooth performance. It also boasts great pad performance, eight rotary encoders, and a built-in arpeggiator. Additionally, it includes a scale and chord mode, touch strips, and other buttons for various functions. The USB B Port, full-size Sustain port, and on/off switch on the back provide even more convenience and flexibility.

Limitations and Trade-Offs

While the Bluetooth functionality is a significant advantage, it does come with some limitations. In Bluetooth mode, you cannot access the second bank of knobs and pads, as well as some DAW functionality. However, when connected via USB, the keyboard can fully access transport controls, DAW functionality, and track volumes in software like Ableton Live.

Keyboard Review: Mwave MIDI Keyboard

Introduction to the Mwave MIDI Keyboard

Hey there! Today, we’re going to take a look at a keyboard by a company called Mwave. This keyboard has a feature that I believe every MIDI keyboard in 2023 should have. I want to give you an honest and unbiased review of this controller, so it’s important to know that this video is sponsored by Mwave, but they won’t have any say in my opinions. Now, let’s dive into this controller that caught my attention.

USB B Port, Full-size Sustain Port, and On/Off Switch

First, let’s talk about the physical features of the keyboard. On the back, we have a USB B Port, a full-size Sustain port, and an on/off switch. These features provide convenience and practicality for your music production needs.

Bluetooth Functionality for Wireless Performance

Now, let’s get to the key feature that sets this keyboard apart – Bluetooth functionality. Unlike other mainline MIDI keyboard controllers from Novation, Akai, Arturia, and M-Audio, the Mwave MIDI Keyboard offers wireless performance without any cords. With Bluetooth, you can create music anytime, anywhere without the hassle of finding cables or adapters.

Excellent Bluetooth Performance for Easy Music Creation

The Bluetooth performance of this keyboard is outstanding. It allows you to play drums and keys wirelessly, giving you the freedom to move around while still being able to express your creativity. The convenience of wireless music creation cannot be overstated, as it eliminates the need for tethering to a laptop or iOS device.

Great Pad Performance and Built-in Arpeggiator

Let’s talk about the performance of the keyboard itself. The pad performance on this keyboard is top-notch. You can achieve low and loud sounds by varying the velocity at which you tap the pads. The eight rotary encoders and built-in arpeggiator further enhance the creative possibilities of the controller.

Scale and Chord Mode, Touch Strips, and Other Buttons

The Mwave MIDI Keyboard also boasts a scale and chord mode, touch strips, and other buttons for various functions. In scale and chord mode, you can effortlessly play chords or restrict your notes to a specific scale. The touch strips provide a unique way to add expressive bends to your playing.

Limitations of Bluetooth Mode

While the Bluetooth mode offers unparalleled convenience, it does have some limitations. In Bluetooth mode, you won’t have access to the second bank of knobs and pads, as well as some DAW functionality. This might be a drawback for some musicians who rely heavily on those features.

Integration with Ableton Live via USB

To overcome the limitations of Bluetooth mode, you can connect the keyboard to your computer via USB. This enables access to transport controls, DAW functionality, and track volumes in Ableton Live. While this integration is commendable, there are still some frustrations with the limited ability to arm tracks and control volume for certain tracks.

Comparison with Other Products and Feedback Suggestions

When comparing the Mwave MIDI Keyboard to other products in the market, it stands out for its Bluetooth functionality. However, some limitations compared to other controllers should be taken into consideration. It would be beneficial for Mwave to reach out to Ableton users and gather feedback to improve the integration and address these limitations.

Affordable Price and Variety of Colors

Apart from its impressive features, the Mwave MIDI Keyboard comes at an affordable price point. Additionally, it is available in a variety of colors, allowing you to choose one that suits your style and preferences.

The Mwave MIDI Keyboard offers a feature that I believe every MIDI keyboard should have in 2023 – Bluetooth functionality. Despite some limitations, the wireless performance and great pad performance make it a compelling choice for music producers. Considering its affordable price and variety of colors, the Mwave MIDI Keyboard is definitely worth considering for your music production setup.

That’s all for this review! I would love to hear your thoughts on this controller and whether you’re considering purchasing it. Thank you for watching and supporting the channel!

Future Plans and Viewer Feedback

Using the Controllers as Prizes for Charity Events

In the future, I plan to use these Mwave MIDI keyboards as prizes for charity events. I believe that these controllers have a lot to offer and can greatly benefit musicians and producers. By giving them away as prizes, I hope to bring joy and inspiration to aspiring artists and contribute to a good cause.

Thanking Mwave for Sponsoring and Providing the Controllers

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to Mwave for sponsoring this video and providing the controllers for review. Their support has allowed me to showcase and share my thoughts on this innovative MIDI keyboard. I appreciate their trust and the opportunity to collaborate.

Requesting Viewer Feedback and Consideration for Purchasing

Now that you have seen the features and performance of this Mwave MIDI keyboard, I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback. Please share your comments and let me know if you are considering purchasing this controller. Your input and insights are valuable to me and to the community. Together, let’s create a dialogue and explore the possibilities that this MIDI keyboard has to offer.

In conclusion, this Mwave MIDI keyboard has impressed me with its Bluetooth functionality and overall performance. While it has a few limitations, its wireless capabilities and user-friendly design make it a contender for the best MIDI keyboard in 2023. I hope that this review has been helpful to you in making your decision.

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