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Choosing the Right Gear

Consideration for Beginners on a Budget

If you’re on a tight budget, using your phone or an iPad Mini with music making apps like Bandlab is a great option. Bandlab offers a free and capable platform with a wide selection of sounds, virtual instruments, and effects, making it perfect for beginners.

Recommended Order of Prioritizing Gear

However, if you prefer a dedicated music-making device, an iPad Mini is a budget-friendly choice. To take your setup to the next level, consider adding the following gear:

  1. Computer or Music-Making Device: If you have a phone, you’re good to go. But if you’re using a computer, consider a Chromebook or any device that can run Bandlab on a web browser.
  2. Headphones: Audio Technica ATH M50xs are a great option for mixing, but if you’re on a tight budget, Apple earpods will work just fine.
  3. Audio Interface: The Arturia Mini Fuse 2 is an excellent choice for connecting your devices and instruments, though you may explore other options based on your specific needs.
  4. MIDI Keyboard: The Maven SMK 25 is a recommended MIDI controller, but alternatives like the BK mini can be considered as well.
  5. USB Microphone: If you’re recording vocals or instruments and don’t want to invest in an audio interface, a USB microphone is a viable alternative.

Remember, you don’t need to buy everything at once. Prioritize the gear based on your needs and budget.

Computer or Music-making Device

Importance of a Reliable Computer

When setting up your beginner bedroom music producer setup, one of the most important decisions is choosing a reliable computer or music-making device. While using a phone or iPad as a dedicated music-making device can be a budget-friendly option, having a dependable computer is crucial for a seamless music production experience.

Options for Music-making Devices

If you prefer a dedicated music-making device, the iPad Mini is a great choice for beginners. It is relatively affordable compared to a full computer, and there are numerous powerful music-making apps available for it. One such app is Bandlab, which offers a wide range of features and built-in effects racks, making it a convenient and free option for beginners.

Budget-friendly Option: iPad Mini and Music Making Apps

To save money and still have a capable music-making setup, consider opting for an iPad Mini and utilizing the various music-making apps available. The affordability of the iPad Mini, combined with the extensive offerings of apps like Bandlab, makes it an ideal choice for beginners on a budget.

Remember to prioritize reliability and choose a device that fits within your budget and music production goals. By starting with a solid computer or music-making device, you’ll be set up for success as you embark on your journey as a bedroom music producer.


Importance of Quality Headphones

Choosing the right headphones is essential for beginner bedroom music producers. While it may be tempting to opt for a cheaper or more familiar option, investing in quality headphones will greatly enhance your music production experience. Good headphones allow you to accurately hear the nuances and details in your tracks, ensuring that your mix translates well on different sound systems.

Recommended Headphones for Beginner Producers

For a budget-friendly option, the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x headphones come highly recommended. These headphones offer a balanced sound profile and excellent audio quality, making them a popular choice among both beginners and professionals. Many renowned producers, including Phineas, swear by these headphones for their accurate sound reproduction.

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, Apple EarPods can be a decent starting point. While they may not offer the same level of audio quality as studio headphones, they can still get the job done for beginners on a tight budget.

Remember, investing in good headphones is a worthwhile investment that will enable you to create better mixes and improve your overall music production skills.

Audio Interface

An audio interface plays a crucial role in a beginner bedroom music producer’s setup. It is responsible for connecting different devices and instruments, allowing for high-quality audio recording and playback.

One recommended audio interface for beginners is the Arturia Mini Fuse 2. While it may seem a bit advanced for beginners, it offers various features that make it worth considering. One standout feature is its USB port, which allows you to connect it to an iPad via USB-C. This frees up the iPad’s USB port for other devices, such as a MIDI controller. Additionally, the Arturia Mini Fuse 2 provides inputs for microphones, instruments, and headphones, giving you versatility in your music-making process.

However, it’s worth noting that there may be issues with certain MIDI controllers when connected to the audio interface. In the case of the mentioned video, the Mvave SMK 25 controller stopped working when connected via the audio interface. To prevent any potential issues, it’s recommended to consider alternative audio interface options like the BK mini, which has been tested without connectivity problems in the same setup.

Remember that as a beginner on a budget, it’s not necessary to buy everything at once. Prioritize your gear purchases based on your specific needs. The suggested order is a computer or music-making device, headphones, audio interface (if recording vocals or instruments), MIDI keyboard (if using virtual instruments), and a USB microphone as an alternative to the audio interface.

Remember to explore options that suit your budget and requirements. Happy music-making!


MIDI Keyboard

Importance of a MIDI Keyboard

A MIDI keyboard is an essential tool for beginner bedroom music producers as it allows for a more tactile and expressive approach to creating music. It provides a physical interface for playing virtual instruments, making it easier to capture melodies, chords, and rhythms. Using a MIDI keyboard can greatly enhance your workflow, allowing you to focus on your creativity and musicality. It eliminates the need to painstakingly draw in notes on a piano roll or rely solely on the touch screen of your music-making device.

Recommended MIDI Controller: Maven SMK 25

While there are numerous options available in the market, one MIDI controller that stands out as a potential choice for beginners is the Maven SMK 25. This controller offers a compact and portable design, making it suitable for small home studios or bedroom setups. It features 25 keys, which is ample for most beginner-level compositions, and also includes essential controls such as knobs, sliders, and buttons for manipulating different aspects of your music.

Considerations for Connectivity Issues

It’s important to note that some connectivity issues might arise when connecting a MIDI controller, like the Maven SMK 25, via an audio interface. As seen in the video, the controller appeared to work fine initially but stopped working when connected in this specific way. The cause of this issue is unclear, but it’s advisable to explore alternative options, such as the BK mini, which has been proven to work flawlessly with similar setups.

A MIDI keyboard can greatly enhance your music production journey as a beginner. However, it’s crucial to ensure compatibility and troubleshoot any connectivity issues to make the most out of this valuable tool.

Remember, the most important aspect of your setup as a beginner is to prioritize and gradually acquire the necessary gear. By following the suggested order of purchase, which includes the computer or music-making device, headphones, audio interface (if recording vocals or instruments), MIDI keyboard (if using virtual instruments), and USB microphone (as an alternative to the audio interface), you can build a budget-friendly and effective setup that allows you to dive into the world of music production.

Join the TAETRO community for additional resources and learning opportunities, and don’t forget to check out DistroKid, a convenient music distribution platform that simplifies the process of releasing your music on various platforms.

USB Microphone

If you don’t have an audio interface or don’t plan on recording vocals or instruments, a USB microphone is a great alternative. USB microphones are plug-and-play devices that connect directly to your computer or music-making device, making them a convenient option for beginners. They are also budget-friendly and offer decent recording quality.

When choosing a USB microphone, consider options like the Audio Technica ATR2100x-USB or the Blue Yeti, both of which are widely recommended for their versatility and performance. These microphones offer multiple pickup patterns, which allow you to customize the recording process according to your needs.

USB microphones are suitable for recording vocals, podcasts, and acoustic instruments, providing a straightforward and hassle-free setup. They eliminate the need for an audio interface and can deliver decent sound quality for your music production needs.

Remember, as a beginner, it’s essential to prioritize your gear purchases based on your specific needs and budget. Focus on getting the fundamentals first, such as a computer or music-making device, headphones, and either an audio interface or USB microphone, depending on your recording requirements.

By considering these options, you can create a solid setup for your bedroom music production that allows you to unleash your creativity and start making music right away.

Recommended Software

Bandlab as a Free and Capable Music-making App

If you’re a beginner bedroom music producer looking for a budget-friendly option, Bandlab is a fantastic choice. This free music-making app offers a wide range of features and tools that allow you to create music without breaking the bank. Bandlab’s platform includes built-in effects racks, a collection of sounds and virtual instruments, and even free sound packs, making it a great option for those just starting out. Plus, Bandlab is available for iPads and can also be accessed through a web browser, so you have the flexibility to use it on different devices.

Introduction to DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations)

When it comes to music production, DAWs are essential. They are software programs that allow you to record, edit, and produce your music. While Bandlab is a great option, it’s worth exploring other popular DAWs as well. Some well-known ones include Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, FL Studio, and Reaper. Each DAW has its own unique features and interface, so it’s a good idea to do some research and choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences.

Other Popular DAW Options

Ableton Live is a versatile DAW known for its live performance capabilities and intuitive workflow. Logic Pro X is a favorite among Apple users, offering a wide range of tools and virtual instruments. FL Studio, on the other hand, is highly regarded for its user-friendly interface and extensive library of plugins. Finally, Reaper is a cost-effective option that provides professional-level features without the hefty price tag.

Choosing the right software is crucial for beginner bedroom music producers. Bandlab offers a free and capable option to get started, while exploring other popular DAWs can provide you with more advanced features and flexibility. Remember to consider your needs, budget, and personal preferences when making your decision. Happy producing!

Distribution and Release

Introduction to DistroKid

When it comes to sharing your music with the world, there are plenty of distribution platforms available. One platform that stands out is DistroKid. DistroKid is not only a sponsor of this video, but it also offers an easy and convenient way for beginner bedroom music producers to release their music on various platforms.

Signing up and Releasing Music on Various Platforms

Signing up with DistroKid is simple and straightforward. Once you create an account, you can easily upload your music to DistroKid’s platform. From there, DistroKid takes care of distributing your music to popular streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and more. This means that your music will be accessible to listeners all over the world.

DistroKid offers additional features that can enhance your music release. For example, you can access promotional tools like graphics, promo cards, and memes that can help you promote your music on social media. DistroKid even provides you with a hyper follow landing page, where you can add links and direct your audience to all your music and social media channels in one place.

With DistroKid, you don’t have to worry about paying per release. Their annual fee allows you to release as much music as you want, saving you money in the long run. Plus, DistroKid makes it easy to track your revenue and cash out when you’re ready to withdraw funds.

Additional Resources and Learning

Joining the Channel’s Community

One of the best ways to further your music production skills is to join a community of like-minded individuals. TAETRO’s channel provides a supportive and engaging community where you can connect with other beginner bedroom producers. By becoming a member of the channel, you can access a free sample pack and gain exclusive access to additional resources. The community is a great place to ask questions, share your work, and receive feedback from experienced producers.

Exploring Online Tutorials and Courses

In addition to the channel’s community, there are numerous online tutorials and courses available that can help you enhance your music production skills. Platforms like YouTube, Udemy, and Coursera offer a wide variety of tutorials and courses taught by industry professionals. These resources cover a range of topics including music theory, sound design, mixing, mastering, and more. Learning from experienced producers and taking advantage of online education can significantly accelerate your growth as a beginner music producer.

By actively engaging with the channel’s community and exploring online tutorials and courses, you can gain valuable insights, learn new techniques, and continue to improve your music production skills. Remember, practice and perseverance are key to becoming a successful bedroom music producer.


In conclusion, if you’re a beginner bedroom music producer, there are several key components that you should consider for your setup.

Music making device

While a laptop is a common choice, using an iPad Mini with music making apps like Bandlab can be a budget-friendly option. The iPad Mini offers a wide range of capabilities and the Bandlab app provides a free, all-in-one solution for recording and producing music.

An audio interface is essential for connecting your devices and instruments. The Arturia Mini Fuse 2 is recommended for its USB port and versatility.

MIDI controller

A MIDI controller, like the Maven SMK 25, can enhance your music production experience. However, it’s important to note that compatibility issues can arise, so alternative options like the BK mini may be worth considering.

Prioritizing gear

For those on a budget, it’s overwhelming to purchase everything at once. It’s suggested to prioritize and start with a computer or music-making device, followed by headphones, an audio interface (if recording vocals or instruments), MIDI keyboard (if using virtual instruments), and a USB microphone (as an alternative to the audio interface).

The video also highlights the importance of using a music distribution platform like DistroKid to release your music on various platforms easily. Additionally, joining the channel’s community can provide valuable resources and learning opportunities.

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