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IN SEARCH OF GOD: The God of Spirituality

God is neither Human Statue neither any Religion God. God is the Electro-magnetic pulse of energy that provides life as well as lives within all. What we call our conscious/soul is part of God within us. Spiritual individuals are not God-Less but recognize the God in all of us

Divine Prosperity – How to Sow and Reap Your Financial Harvests

Yes, if you are a Christian, it is God’s will for you to be rich, really rich. After all, Jesus took menstruation of hardship on himself on the cross so you could be abundant according to 2 Corinthians 8:9. We were made to be abundant for a purpose, to establish God’s agreement in the planet.

Words of Wisdom From Mystic Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce (1877-1945), also understood as the “resting prophet” and also the “father of holistic medicine,” is the most recorded psychic of the 20th century. Cayce gave psychic readings to hundreds of people over 40 years while in an unconscious state, diagnosing health problems as well as exposing previous lives and also revelations yet to find.

8 Reasons Why You Should Pray As A Child Of God

What can prayer do in the life of a new follower in Christ? The area of prayer in the life of a child of God can not be over-emphasized. This is since it’s the live-wire of a Christian. For you need an open line to reach your Dad at any moment and anywhere. This article offers you 5 reasons you must pray as a kid of God

The Process Of God For Putting On The New Man After Salvation

What else are you to do now you’re conserved? As a thinking Christian, you need to know that old things are passed away and that all things have come to be new in your life. Nevertheless, this can just appear literally when you delayed the old male as well as put on the brand-new guy. This write-up provides you the process of God for placing on the brand-new male after salvation.

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