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Be a Better Problem-Solver – Use Storyboards, Avoid Assumptions

There are people who know they are not good problem-solvers and who do nothing to change that reality. Others, though, acknowledge their lack of skills and then work to try and apply new problem-solving techniques. This article presents two that are not often used.

Problem-Solving – Are You Lateralized?

Problem-solving depends on both creative and analytical skills. Because different problems require different solutions, the best problem-solvers have trained themselves to be lateral in their thinking–that is, they can use the scientific approach when a problem calls for it or a more divergent, creative style when required. Are you able to apply both types of thinking equally well? Try the following quiz to find out.

Give Yourself the Gift of RELEASE

Many people are afraid of the word ‘forgiveness’ because they think they have to do something unpleasant or uncomfortable. Do not waste your life holding grudges; Forgiveness is an emotional and spiritual release.

Looked in the Mirror Lately? A Sure Fire Technique to Get You Into the ‘Feeling Good Mood’

Looked in the mirror lately? This is a technique I learned from a mentor of mine; going back a good few years now And I still use it to this day. It’s all about feeling good about yourself and putting yourself in a good mood for the day ahead, so you’re ready to deal with whatever the world wants to throw at you.

Mind Power Perfection

The Mind Power Perfection Program will significantly increase the quality of your overall life. 30 minutes a day for two months will enable you to increase your mind power and change your entire life without using willpower, whereby the change will be made from the inside out.

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