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How to Keep a Positive Mind

Are you sabotaging your success? Find out how to completely renovate your mind, and change your beliefs about everything under the sun, so you can transform your life, and create success for your present and your future.

Brain Training Needs to Be a Daily Thing – Use it Or You Lose It!

Our brain is our most important and interesting part of our body. As our body grows old with the years, our brain stays basically the same. Our brain is not getting any older, it can just deteriorate because we do not use it often enough. Give it a challenge often enough. It is like with a lot of things: “Use it or you lose it!” This is where brain training comes in. As a habit, mind you, not as a onetime thing.

Brain Training Keeps Your Brain Ship Shape Till the Last Day

Training our bodies is as normal as can be, but how about training that most important part of our body, the brain? Are you not doing that yet? Ah, but you should, because that is the way I intend to keep my brain in perfect condition and if I can do it so can you. Brain training is something we should start doing when we are young, so we make a habit of it and keep our brain ship shape for the rest of our lives.

Binaural Beats Frequencies For Brainwave Entrainment

Binaural beats frequencies are thought to affect brain functions besides those related to hearing. The phenomenon occurs through the frequency following response effect. The theory is as follows: when one experiences a brainwave stimulus that falls within the normal frequency range of brainwaves your brain wave frequency is likely to move into alignment with the stimulus frequency. This process is called brainwave entrainment. Additionally, binaural beats frequencies have been shown to activate various sites within the human brain.

Food For the Brain – Not From the Shop But Through Brain Training

Sounds nice and oh so healthy. There are lots of stores and online shops where you can buy expensive supplements that nourish the brain. Or are supposed to do that. I am sure some of them will actually do your brain some good, but I myself think of something else when I think of “food for the brain”.

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