Satisfying Slime ASMR | Relaxing Slime Videos # 1546

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The Most Outstanding Quality of the Mind

The human mind is the bridge between existence (what man sees) and its functionality (their significance). Simply, without you nothing happens! Interested? Just read!

Subliminal Influence in Your Language

In this issue we explore how subliminal messages can positively contribute towards the outcomes of your interactions. People generally have no conscious awareness of subliminal stimulus and yet these messages woven into our communications can influence others’ motivation and thinking.

The Mind Power Generated by Total Consciousness

By interpreting the meaning of your dreams with my dynamic method of immediate dream translation, you’ll be able to instantly translate your dreams and understand the wise unconscious messages they contain. Then you’ll completely eliminate your wild conscience and acquire total consciousness and extraordinary mind power. Total consciousness means wisdom and happiness, because you become a perfect creature. You are no more the animal you were before. You are now transformed into sensitive and sensible human being.

Develop Your Intuitive Awareness

You don’t have to be born intuitive to begin to develop the skills of intuition and use them effectively in your life. Learn how to begin to develop your intuition and move into flow in your life and your business.

Mind Games – Intuition

Sometimes police officers claim to observe suspects and immediately “know” that they possess a weapon or drugs. Have you ever had the similar feeling, when you are almost sure about how a person feels or how he will act? Have you ever had this feeling that something what you were doing “feels right” and other times “wrong”, and both times there wasn’t any logical explanation to this.

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