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Change Your Mind With the Power of Brainwave Technology

The mind is crucial for good functioning of the body. The mind controls virtually every aspect of the body. Instructions and information on how a body cells (the basic atom of the body) should act, roots from the mind. Without the mind an individual cannot perform properly. There so many names that are given to people with less brain power, or so have dysfunctions of the brain.

Subliminal Technology – Affirmation For Positive Mentality

Before any discussion of the use of subliminal technology as a tool for individual self-improvement, it is important to understand exactly what subliminal technology is and what it is not. The dictionary definition of the term subliminal is ‘operating below the threshold of consciousness’ also mentioned is as using stimuli to influence mental processes or individual behavior.

My Unconscious Sings to Me

We all dream, but many of us do not remember them after we wake up. Are there others ways we can learn what our unconsciousness has to tell us? Yes. The “size” of our unconscious is not known and so it is safe to say that probably not all of it appears to us nightly.

Holding the Vision

Do you find it challenging some days to ‘hold the vision’ of what you want to create? Do you get stuck in the mind chatter that is like a spiral downward?

Basic Understanding of the Mind and Brain

For a long, long time now, people all over the World have been trying to understand what the “Mind” is and how it works. So here’s an article that will help create an understanding of what it is and how it correlates to the brain.

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