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I. Introduction

In the world of music production, there are countless techniques that can be used to enhance and shape the sound of our music. One such technique, known as the bass layering trick, has gained recognition and popularity among producers, with Skrillex being one of the pioneers of this technique.

In a video tutorial by Alex Rome, he demonstrates how to use Skrillex’s bass layering trick to enhance and widen the sub bass of a track. By listening closely to the sub bass, Alex identifies a subtle hum that he wants to bring out and give more prominence in the mix. To achieve this, Alex duplicates the 808 bass and applies certain processing techniques.

II. Duplicating and Enhancing the Bass

On the duplicated layer, Alex uses a sign fold effect to add more presence and enhance the sound. Then, he applies a low-cut filter to remove the unnecessary frequencies, leaving behind only the desired hum. Taking it a step further, Alex adds a chorus effect with a 100% mix to create a wider stereo presence for the bass.

III. Widening the Bass Presence

To visualize the result, Alex uses a stereo imager to see the widened presence of the bass in the mix. By applying Skrillex’s bass layering trick, the sub bass now has more purpose and identity, making it stand out and contribute to the overall depth and impact of the track.

Skrillex’s bass layering trick is a powerful technique that can be utilized to enhance and widen the sub bass in a mix. By duplicating the bass, applying specific processing techniques like sign fold, low-cut filtering, and chorus effects, producers can create a more prominent and expansive sub bass that adds depth and impact to their tracks.

II. Understanding Sub Bass

A. Definition of Sub Bass

Sub bass refers to the low-frequency tones that are typically felt rather than heard in music production. It sits at the bottom of the frequency spectrum and provides the foundation and weight to a track. Sub bass sounds are usually produced using instruments such as synthesizers, bass guitars, or even manipulated samples.

B. Importance of Sub Bass in Music Production

Sub bass is crucial in music production as it adds depth, power, and impact to a track. It provides a solid and driving rhythm that connects listeners to the music on a physical level. By enhancing and widening the sub bass, you can create a bigger and more immersive sonic experience, enhancing the overall impact of the track.

C. Common Challenges in Enhancing Sub Bass

Enhancing sub bass can be a challenging task, as it requires balancing the low frequencies without overpowering the rest of the mix. Some common challenges include maintaining clarity, avoiding muddiness, and achieving a wide stereo presence. Fortunately, Skrillex’s layering technique, as demonstrated by Alex Rome in the video, provides a practical solution to these challenges by duplicating the sub bass, enhancing and widening its tone, and achieving a more defined and impactful sound.

By understanding sub bass and applying techniques like the one used by Skrillex, you can take your music production skills to the next level, creating powerful and immersive basslines that will captivate your listeners.

III. Skrillex’s Layering Technique

A. Overview of Skrillex’s Technique

In this video tutorial by Alex Rome, you will learn about a powerful layering technique used by the renowned artist Skrillex to enhance and widen sub bass. Skrillex’s technique involves duplicating the 808 sub bass and processing it to create a more impactful and immersive sound. By manipulating the layers and adding specific effects, Skrillex achieves a wider presence and greater clarity in his basslines.

B. Benefits of Skrillex’s Technique

By implementing Skrillex’s layering technique, you can elevate your sub bass to a whole new level. The subtle hum present in the original bass is enhanced and made wide, resulting in a more dynamic and engaging sound. The layering also adds depth and richness to the sub bass, giving it a distinct purpose and identity within the mix. Moreover, the use of chorus with a hundred percent mix adds a wider stereo presence to the bassline, further enhancing its impact.

C. Step-by-Step Guide to Skrillex’s Layering Technique

  1. Duplicate the 808 sub bass layer.
  2. Choose the sign fold wave shape for the duplicated layer.
  3. Apply a low cut to the duplicated layer, removing everything except the subtle hum.
  4. Add chorus to the duplicated layer with a hundred percent mix.
  5. Use a stereo imager to analyze the widened presence of the bass.
  6. Enjoy the enhanced and widened sub bass with a newfound purpose and identity in your mix.

By following Skrillex’s layering technique, you can achieve professional-grade sub bass that will truly captivate your listeners. Experiment with this approach and unleash the full potential of your basslines.

IV. Enhancing the Sub Bass

A. Identifying and Isolating the Subtle Hum

Have you ever wondered how to achieve that powerful and wide sub bass like Skrillex? Well, you’re in luck! Skrillex’s bass layering technique can help you enhance and widen your sub bass in just a few simple steps.

The first step is to carefully listen to your sub bass to identify any subtle hums. These hums are essential in adding depth and character to the overall sound. Once you’ve identified them, you can move on to isolating them from the rest of the sub bass.

B. Duplicating the 808 Sub Bass

To enhance the hum, Skrillex suggests duplicating the 808 sub bass. This duplication layer allows you to work specifically on the hum without affecting the rest of the sub bass. Make sure to create a separate track for the duplicated layer before proceeding to the next step.

C. Using the Sign Fold Effect

Now that you have the duplicated layer, it’s time to apply the sign fold effect. By using this effect, the sub bass will have more defined tonal characteristics, resembling an enhanced tom sound. This gives the sub bass more texture and presence in the mix.

D. Low Cutting to Enhance the Hum

To focus solely on the hum, it is important to low cut the base layer of the sub bass. This technique removes unnecessary frequencies, leaving only the hum intact. By doing so, you can better enhance and amplify its impact on the overall sound.

E. Applying Chorus for Added Depth

Adding chorus to the hum can take your sub bass to the next level. Set the mix of the chorus effect to 100%, allowing the hum to enrich the overall sound with a sense of depth and spaciousness. The chorus effect creates subtle variations in pitch and timbre, giving the sub bass a more interesting and captivating quality.

F. Using a Stereo Imager for Wide Presence

Lastly, Skrillex advises using a stereo imager to achieve a wide presence for the sub bass. By adjusting the stereo width, you can create a sense of spaciousness and separation, making the sub bass sound wider and more immersive.

By implementing Skrillex’s layering trick, you can enhance and widen your sub bass, ultimately giving it a purposeful and unique identity in your mixes. So, why not give it a try and elevate your productions to a new level?

V. Widening the Sub Bass

A. Importance of Widening the Sub Bass

When it comes to mixing sub bass, there’s one aspect that often gets overlooked – widening. Widening the sub bass can add depth, presence, and character to the overall sound. It helps create a more immersive experience for the listener, making the bass feel bigger and more powerful. Without proper widening, the sub bass can sound flat and lack definition.

B. Techniques for Widening the Sub Bass

There are various techniques you can employ to widen the sub bass. One effective method is layering the bass sound. By duplicating the sub bass track and utilizing different processing techniques on each layer, you can create a wider and more enhanced sound. This adds depth and widens the stereo image of the bass, making it more impactful.

C. Skrillex’s Approach to Widening

Skrillex, a renowned producer, has developed his own technique for widening the sub bass. He suggests duplicating the bass layer and using a sign fold effect to enhance certain frequencies. Then, by low-cutting the duplicated layer and adding chorus to it, the focus shifts to the subtle hum, which is effectively widened in the stereo image. This not only enhances the sub bass but also gives it a distinct presence and identity within the mix.

By implementing Skrillex’s approach and experimenting with different techniques, you can elevate the impact and width of your sub bass, taking your mixes to a whole new level. So go ahead and give it a try – your sub bass will thank you for it!

VI. The Impact on Bass Identity

A. Enhancing the Purpose of the Bass

When it comes to creating powerful and impactful sub bass in your music, Skrillex has a trick up his sleeve that can take your bass to the next level. By utilizing his layering technique, you can enhance and widen your sub bass to make it stand out in the mix.

First, Skrillex suggests duplicating your 808 bass to create a layered effect. Next, he recommends using the sign fold effect to enhance the tonal qualities of the duplicate layer. By low-cutting the original layer, you eliminate everything except for a subtle hum, which becomes the focal point of your bass sound.

To further enhance the depth and width of the hum, Skrillex advises adding a chorus effect with a hundred percent mix. This technique creates a wider presence for your bass, giving it a larger and more defined sound. By utilizing a stereo imager, you can visualize the impact of the widened bass and hear the increased purpose it brings to your track.

B. Creating an Identity for the Bass

By employing Skrillex’s layering trick, you can give your sub bass its own unique identity. The combination of enhancing the hum and widening the stereo image results in a bass that stands out and demands attention. This technique allows your bass to cut through the mix with purpose and clarity, giving it a strong presence in your music.

With the enhanced tonal qualities and wider sound, the bass becomes more than just a low-frequency element in your track. It becomes a defining feature that adds depth and character to your music. The layering trick empowers your bass to play a vital role in driving the energy and impact of your music, ensuring that it leaves a lasting impression on your listeners.

Incorporating Skrillex’s layering technique into your production arsenal can greatly enhance the purpose and identity of your sub bass. Experiment with this trick and discover how it can transform your music into something extraordinary.

VII. Real-World Examples

A. Case Study 1: Applying Skrillex’s Technique

One of the most effective tricks in electronic music production is the use of bass layering. Skrillex, a renowned artist in the industry, has shared his technique for enhancing and widening sub bass, which has become a game-changer for many producers. In a video tutorial by Alex Rome, Skrillex demonstrates how to take a subtle hum in the sub bass and transform it into a powerful, wide sound.

To implement Skrillex’s technique, start by duplicating the 808 bass. This duplication layer will serve as the foundation for enhancing the hum. Utilizing the sign fold option, you can extract more depth and texture from the duplicated layer, creating an enhanced tone.

Next, apply a low cut to the base layer, eliminating everything except for the hum. This allows the hum to take center stage and become more prominent in the mix. To further widen the sound, add a chorus effect with a 100% mix. This will give the bass a wider presence when analyzed on a stereo imager.

B. Case Study 2: Effectiveness of Bass Layering

The effectiveness of Skrillex’s bass layering technique cannot be understated. By utilizing this method, producers can give their sub bass more purpose and identity. The subtle hum, which was once hidden in the mix, now becomes a driving force that adds depth and power to the track.

With Skrillex’s technique, the resulting widened sub bass fills the stereo field, creating a wider soundstage. This not only adds to the sonic experience but also improves the overall impact of the track. By enhancing and widening the sub bass, producers can make their music more captivating and impactful.

By studying Skrillex’s technique and applying it to your own productions, you can elevate your sub bass to new heights. Experimenting with different layering and processing techniques will allow you to find the perfect balance and achieve the desired sound. So go ahead, take inspiration from Skrillex, and unlock the full potential of your sub bass.

VIII. Applying the Layering Trick

A. Technological Requirements

To apply Skrillex’s bass layering trick and enhance your sub bass, you will need a digital audio workstation (DAW) that allows for track duplication and audio effects manipulation. Additionally, you will need a plugin that provides a sign fold option, a low-cut filter, and a chorus effect with a mix control. These tools are crucial in duplicating the 808 sub bass, enhancing it, and making it wider.

B. Practical Tips for Implementation

  1. Duplicate the 808: Begin by duplicating the 808 sub bass to create a layer for modification.

  2. Apply sign fold: Use the sign fold feature in your DAW to enhance the duplicated layer, resulting in a more pronounced sound.

  3. Low cut the base layer: Apply a low-cut filter to the original bass layer, removing all frequencies except for the subtle hum you want to enhance.

  4. Add chorus: Use a chorus effect with a 100% mix to add width and depth to the enhanced hum.

  5. Check stereo image: Use a stereo imager to ensure that the bass has a wide presence, giving it a sense of purpose and clear identity within the mix.

By following these steps, you can effectively apply Skrillex’s bass layering technique to enhance and widen your sub bass, giving it a more professional and impactful sound. Give it a try and see how this trick can take your basslines to the next level!

IX. Critiques and Limitations

A. Potential Drawbacks of the Technique

While Skrillex’s layering trick can be a great way to enhance and widen sub bass, it’s important to note that there are potential drawbacks to consider. One of the main concerns is that duplicating the 808 and applying effects can lead to an increase in overall volume, which may result in a muddy or overpowering mix. This issue can be addressed by carefully adjusting the levels and using EQ to maintain clarity.

B. Limitations in Different Music Genres

It’s worth mentioning that Skrillex’s layering technique may not work equally well for every music genre. The effectiveness of this trick is heavily dependent on the specific sound and style you’re aiming to achieve. While it can add depth and width to bass in electronic dance music (EDM), it might not yield desirable results in genres that require a more organic and natural sound. It’s essential to experiment and tailor the layering approach to fit the sonic characteristics of your chosen genre.

By understanding the potential drawbacks and limitations of this technique, you can make informed decisions when applying it to your own music production. Remember to always consider the genre, context, and overall mix to ensure that the layering trick enhances and widens the sub bass effectively.


In conclusion, Skrillex’s layering technique for enhancing and widening sub bass can be a game-changer in your music production. By duplicating the 808 bass and applying specific processing techniques, you can bring out the subtle hum and give it a wider presence.

To begin, duplicate the 808 bass layer and go down to sign fold. This will create a more enhanced tone, adding depth to the sound. Next, low cut the duplicated layer, removing everything except for the hum. This allows the hum to stand out and become more prominent in the mix.

To further enhance the wideness of the sub bass, apply some chorus with a hundred percent mix. The chorus effect adds a sense of space and width to the sound, creating a more immersive listening experience.

By using a stereo imager, you can visually see the wide presence that Skrillex’s technique brings to the sub bass. This wideness adds purpose and identity to your bass, making it more impactful and professional-sounding.

Incorporating Skrillex’s layering trick into your own music production can take your sub bass to a whole new level, giving it the power and presence it deserves. Experiment with these techniques and see the difference it can make in your tracks.

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