How To Live A More Abundant Life – 3 Common Myths Plus Steps To Overcome Them

The following blog post was written by Simple Habit expert Julie Seibt. You can listen to Julie’s meditations on Simple Habit here.

I receive and welcome abundance in all forms.

Julie Seibt

Read the above words again, if you will, this time noticing how
you feel inside.

Do you sense numbness, tightness, constriction or heaviness? Is
doubt arising? Do you feel a big, bold “YES!”,
or something in between? Your body is constantly communicating deeply rooted beliefs that
can unknowingly block or invite the flow of abundance. Are you listening to
your body?

Here are three common myths about abundance plus five steps to overcome them.

3 Common Myths About Abundance

1. Abundance is selfish

Perhaps living a life of abundance is
the most unselfish thing we can do.  From
an attitude of abundance we can be more generous, than from a feeling of
scarcity, lack or that we are running out of something.

Abundance itself is not selfish, but
what we do with it can be. This is worthy of exploring within your own

Notice how abundance applies to
kindness, opportunities, ideas, health, vitality, peace, finances, love,
friendships. Whatever matters to you can be experienced abundantly. If you had
more of what you most cherish, would it be selfish? Some things might be.  You get to choose with wisdom where you
attract abundance.

2. There isn’t enough

Do you have a general feeling that
there isn’t enough time, money, health, kindness or other areas of importance
to you? It is helpful to recognize these beliefs and know when they are serving
you well, for example in order to arrive to an appointment on time, and when
these beliefs are holding you back or causing undue stress.

3. I don’t deserve abundance

Are others more deserving of abundance
than you? If so, how does that thought feel in your body?  The thought that others are more deserving
might relate to a sense of not being “good enough”. Aligning with a story of
lack might be a strategy to avoid feelings of unworthiness.  When we recognize any unworthiness and begin
to nourish our sense of worthiness, life opens up as if to affirm our goodness.

Beliefs have formed in us
innocently, for very good reasons. Although they feel intensely
personal, most beliefs are not truly “ours”. We have taken them on from
parents, caregivers, teachers, friends and the culture we find ourselves in.

In meditation, we practice getting to know our beliefs and
respecting them as a part of us, but not as us. When we see them, and feel
their impact, we can choose whether to continue to buy into them or not.

What we feel and see, we can set free.

Once we begin to loosen the grip of limiting beliefs, we can further open to abundance with these effective steps.

5 Steps To A Life of Abundance

1. Discover gratitude as a path to abundance

An attitude of gratitude is the first
step to aligning our hearts with abundance. With gratitude, we begin to
recognize the abundance that is already present.

2. Learn to receive

Many of us are more practiced at giving than receiving.
Are you able to receive abundance when it comes your way? In meditation, we
practice receiving.

3. Nourish your relationship to abundance

Just like other relationships, the way we relate to
abundance makes a world of difference. Are we demanding, desperate, forcing,
shying away or closed off?

When we see our patterns within any relationships, we
can change them.

4. Know your worthiness

Whether we intellectually think we are deserving or not,
feeling is a way to supercharge our worth.  We can’t force it, but we can gently begin to
recognize parts of us that are worthy. Bit by bit, as we reconnect to the
feeling of ourselves as enough, we can come to deeply know our worthiness, just
as we are.

5. Set Intentions

Intentions are like the banks for the river of
abundance. When you set intentions that are meaningful to you, and feel them as
already true, you can open to the flow that is naturally yours.

Join me
for a special Simple Habit meditation series that help you release limiting
beliefs and develop new skills for welcoming abundance.

May you open to and receive all that you most cherish.

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