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Sampling Workflow with Ableton Push 3

Introduction to Ableton Push 3

In this video, I’ve partnered with Ableton to showcase the seamless and enjoyable process of sampling and creating beats using the latest standalone Ableton Push 3. As an avid user of Ableton, I can confidently say that the Push 3 has taken my sampling workflow to the next level.

Connection and Setup

The Ableton Push 3 is a versatile device that allows you to connect your MIDI keyboards and synths to it, making it a convenient all-in-one solution for your studio setup. With its built-in audio interface, you can easily plug in your instruments and peripherals. Setting it up is a breeze – simply connect your Push 3 to the same Wi-Fi network as your laptop, and you can wirelessly transfer your sounds and samples with ease.

Importing Samples

When it comes to getting your sounds into the Push 3, Ableton has made it incredibly simple. By dragging and dropping samples wirelessly from your laptop to the Push 3, you can quickly build up your library of samples. It’s a seamless process that saves you time and increases your creative flow.

Updating Warping Algorithm

Ableton has stepped up their game with the updated warping algorithm on the Push 3. This improvement ensures that when you load in a full song, the warping is spot on, regardless of the key and BPM. This feature truly shines when you load in a pre-made loop or a full song, allowing you to immediately start chopping and editing the sample.

Working with Full Songs

One of the main advantages of the Push 3 is the ability to load in full songs and work with them effortlessly. In the video, I showcase how I downloaded songs from Studio Ghibli and loaded them into the Push 3. The accuracy of the warping algorithm is impressive, and I can easily extract and manipulate specific sections of the song.

Chopping and Editing Samples

With the Push 3, chopping and editing samples is a breeze. By marking the sections you want to use and converting them to a simpler format, you can quickly create unique sounds that fit your creative vision. The slicing mode, in particular, offers precise control over the sample, allowing for seamless integration into your beats.

Working with MIDI Notes

The Push 3 makes it incredibly easy to manipulate MIDI notes. In the video, I demonstrate how simple it is to delete unwanted notes and make adjustments on the fly. The intuitive interface and responsive pads make the editing process a joy.

Adding Drums

To enhance your beats, the Push 3 provides a variety of options for adding drums. In the video, I showcase my custom drum rack, which features a range of kicks, snares, hats, and percussion sounds. The ability to adjust the color scheme adds a personalized touch to the workflow, making it even more enjoyable.


Sidechaining is a popular technique in electronic music production, and the Push 3 makes it incredibly easy to implement. With the built-in audio effects, you can quickly add sidechain compression to create that signature pumping effect.

Adding Additional Elements

To take your beats to the next level, the Push 3 allows you to add additional elements effortlessly. Whether it’s basslines, melodies, or samples, the device offers a seamless workflow for integrating these elements into your compositions.

The Ableton Push 3 has truly revolutionized my sampling workflow, providing a powerful and enjoyable tool for creating beats. The combination of its standalone capabilities, intuitive interface, and updated warping algorithm makes it a game-changer for producers of all levels. So grab your Push 3 and start chopping samples with ease!

Using Ableton Push 3

Changing Colors of Pads

To personalize your Ableton Push 3, you can easily change the colors of the pads. By holding down the shift key and clicking on a pad, you can select from a variety of colors to customize the look and feel of your controller.

Creating Drum Rack

One of the standout features of the Ableton Push 3 is its ability to create a drum rack. With the built-in drum rack, you can easily access and trigger different drum sounds, making it convenient for beat-making. By selecting and arranging your favorite kicks, snares, hi-hats, and more, you can create your own unique drum kit.

Exploring Sound Library

Ableton Push 3 offers an extensive sound library with various samples and loops to choose from. By navigating to the user library and samples section, you can access a wide range of pre-loaded sounds categorized by instruments, genres, and more. This makes it easy to find the perfect sounds to bring your beats to life.

Quantizing and Editing Drums

With the Ableton Push 3, you can easily quantize and edit your drum patterns. By selecting the drum sequence and pressing the quantize button, you can align the notes to the grid, ensuring a tight and precise rhythm. Additionally, you can edit individual drum hits by finding them on the sequencer and deleting or modifying them as desired.

Adding Bass

To enhance your beats, the Ableton Push 3 allows you to add bass elements to your tracks. By navigating to the user library and selecting the “one shots” folder, you can browse through various bass sounds and choose the perfect one to complement your drums and melodies.

Using Sidechain

The sidechain effect is a popular technique used in electronic music production, and the Ableton Push 3 makes it incredibly easy to apply this effect to your tracks. By adding the audio effects compressor and configuring the sidechain input to your desired kick drum sound, you can achieve that signature pumping effect that gives your music extra energy.

Adding Hi-Hat Loops

To add more rhythmic complexity and variation to your beats, you can incorporate hi-hat loops. By selecting the drum loops folder in the user library, you will find a wide range of pre-made hi-hat patterns to choose from. Simply drag and drop these loops into your arrangement to instantly enhance your beat.

Creating an Intro

With the Ableton Push 3, you can easily create an engaging intro for your tracks. By arranging clips and scenes on the controller, you can trigger different elements of your song to gradually introduce the various elements. This allows you to build anticipation and create an enticing start for your music.

Triggering Clips or Scenes

The Ableton Push 3 offers intuitive control over triggering clips and scenes in your arrangement. By selecting the desired clip or scene and pressing the appropriate pad, you can easily launch different sections of your song. This feature allows for seamless performance and live improvisation.

Adding Effects with Master Button

With the Ableton Push 3, you can add effects to your entire mix using the Master button. By selecting the Master button and adding audio effects, such as reverb, delay, or distortion, you can apply these effects to your entire arrangement. This allows you to add depth, space, and unique character to your tracks.

The Ableton Push 3 is an incredibly versatile and powerful tool for sampling and beat-making. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, you can effortlessly chop samples, create drum racks, explore a vast sound library, quantize and edit drums, add bass and hi-hat loops, create engaging intros, trigger clips or scenes, and add effects to your mix. The Ableton Push 3 is a game-changing device that will greatly enhance your sampling workflow and inspire creativity in your music production journey.


The Ableton Push 3 is a game-changer when it comes to chopping samples with ease. In this video, L.Dre demonstrates the enjoyable and effortless process of sampling and creating beats using this standalone device. The Push 3 has completely transformed his sampling workflow, thanks to its updated warping algorithm that allows for seamless integration of full songs.

One of the main advantages of the Push 3 is its standalone functionality. You can connect your MIDI keyboards and other devices to it, making it a versatile tool for your studio setup. Additionally, the built-in audio interface and wireless capabilities make it incredibly easy to transfer sounds and samples wirelessly from your laptop.

The Push 3’s slicing and looping features are particularly impressive. With just a few clicks, you can chop up a sample, loop specific sections, and even edit MIDI notes. The ability to easily manipulate and experiment with samples opens up a world of creative possibilities.

L.Dre also highlights the convenience of the Push 3’s drum rack feature, allowing for easy access to a wide range of drum sounds and percussion samples. The compatibility with Ableton software further enhances its functionality, as you can seamlessly transfer your work to your laptop for further editing and arrangement.

Overall, L.Dre is extremely satisfied with the Ableton Push 3 and its impact on his music production workflow. He is excited to explore new ideas and create more videos showcasing the capabilities of this powerful device. So if you’re looking to chop samples with ease and take your music production to the next level, the Ableton Push 3 is definitely worth considering.

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