Growing through Trauma

Growing through Trauma

“If we want to be able to pick up the pieces of our lives and go on living, we have to get over the irrational feeling that every misfortune is our fault, the direct result of our mistakes or misbehavior. We are really not that powerful. Not everything that happens in the world is our doing.”

―Harold S. Kushner, author of the #1 international bestseller When Bad Things Happen to Good People

Nobody wants to experience trauma, but it happens. Each of us will experience trauma in our lives at some point. These crises do not happen because we are meant to suffer, but when we face them, we can choose to see trauma as a doorway.

Trauma calls us to live a deeper life. It is our invitation to grow, expand, and live as the beacons we were born to be.

Trauma is not just an event that has happened in the past. It is also a “scar” that is left by the experience and affects our ability to function in the present moment.

I learned about trauma healing firsthand. I lost six late-stage pregnancies, and while I have two wonderful adult children today, the lost pregnancies left me feeling broken and depressed. Years of talk therapy helped me to realize that I had to let go of my grief over the babies I had lost. But it was not until I found Reiki that I could release the trauma stored in my body and begin to heal my heart. Practicing Reiki and meditation helped me to FEEL the pain in my body, not just talk about it. Shifting energy and mindfulness plus all the insight I had received through years of therapy proved to be a powerful healing combination.

My healing process led me to study different healing modalities—Reiki, meditation, color therapy, shiatsu, reflexology, aromatherapy, just to name a few. I am no longer the social worker I was when I received my degree. I’m an Intuitive Transformation Mentor who uses various trauma-supportive healing methods to create a holistic healing experience for the women I work with.

Years of experience has taught me that three critical pieces must be addressed when healing from trauma.

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