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Annie Dang, a talented musician and cover song enthusiast, takes us on a captivating journey behind the scenes of her cover song recordings in her latest video. From her childhood obsession with cover songs and admiration for artists like Kurt Hugo Schneider and Tori Kelly, Annie’s passion for music shines through as she shares her journey from obsession to expertise. In this video, Annie guides us through her meticulous process of choosing a song, learning to play it on the piano, setting up shots, and putting together the final video.

Annie’s journey is made possible with the support of DonnerDeal, who generously gifted her a beautiful digital piano. She highlights DonnerDeal as a valuable resource for beginners, emphasizing their commitment to spreading music and providing excellent instruments. She also mentions the collaboration between Donner and Berklee College of Music, offering free music courses to the public.

Throughout the video, Annie showcases the equipment she uses, including a Canon M50 camera, Audio Technica 2035 microphone, and Logic Pro X as her digital audio workstation. Despite not knowing how to play the piano initially, she pushes herself to learn for this video, showcasing her determination and growth as a musician.

Annie’s video takes us through every step of the process, revealing the behind-the-scenes effort involved in creating a cover song. From practicing endlessly, setting up equipment, recording the cover, and finally editing the video, Annie invites us into her world and reminds us of the importance of enjoying the creative process and having fun.

As the video concludes, Annie expresses her gratitude to her viewers for watching and encourages them to follow their own musical passions. She reminds aspiring musicians and cover song enthusiasts to put themselves out there and share their own unique talents with the world.

So join Annie on her captivating journey from obsession to expertise in the world of cover songs, and discover the joy and dedication that goes into creating these musical masterpieces.

Choosing the Perfect Song

Annie’s process of selecting a cover song

Annie takes us through her thought process when it comes to choosing a song for her covers. She emphasizes the importance of being realistic and understanding her own voice. Annie knows her vocal abilities and chooses songs that suit her range and style. For this video, she decides to cover “Magic” by Coldplay, a song she has always loved and feels motivated to learn on the piano.

Factors she considers in the decision-making

Annie also considers factors such as personal preference and audience appeal when selecting a cover song. She wants to choose a song that she genuinely enjoys and connects with, as it adds to the authenticity and enjoyment of the process. At the same time, she takes into account what her audience might appreciate and resonate with. Balancing these factors allows Annie to create covers that are both meaningful to her and relatable to her viewers.

By carefully considering these aspects, Annie ensures that she chooses the perfect song that showcases her talent and passion while also engaging her audience. So whether you’re a beginner looking to learn how to record covers or simply curious about Annie’s process, this behind-the-scenes glimpse will give you valuable insights into her song selection approach.

Learning to Play on Piano

Annie’s journey of self-teaching piano

Annie Dang, in her latest video, shares the process of her covers while challenging herself to learn how to play the piano. As a beginner, she takes us through her journey of self-teaching and the initial struggles she faces. Being inspired by artists like Kurt Hugo Schneider and Tori Kelly, Annie’s admiration for cover songs takes her on this new venture.

Challenging herself to learn new songs

Annie emphasizes the importance of choosing a song that suits her voice and vibe. In this video, she chooses “Magic” by Coldplay, a cute song that she has always loved and wants to learn on the piano. Despite not knowing how to play the piano, she bravely attempts to play it for the first time while singing simultaneously.

Overcoming the initial struggles

Annie showcases the behind-the-scenes process of learning and practicing the song. She shows the dedication and perseverance required to transpose the song to fit her voice and how she practices it multiple times to get it right. Despite the challenges and mistakes, Annie encourages viewers to have fun and enjoy the process.

Resources and techniques she utilizes

Annie utilizes various resources, including YouTube tutorials, to learn the piano. She shares her technique of transposing the song to suit her voice better and demonstrates her equipment setup, including a Canon M50 camera, Audio Technica 2035 microphone, and Logic Pro X as her digital audio workstation.

In this insightful video, Annie highlights the importance of taking on new challenges and enjoying the process of making covers. She thanks her viewers for watching and encourages them to make their own covers and put themselves out there.

Setting Up the Shots

Annie’s approach to creating visually appealing videos

Annie understands the importance of creating visually appealing videos. She wants her covers to not only sound great but also look visually stunning. She pays attention to every detail, from the location and lighting to the camera angles and showcasing the instrument and artist effectively.

Choosing the right location and lighting

Annie believes that the location and lighting play a crucial role in creating the right atmosphere for her covers. She carefully selects the perfect spot in her home to set up her equipment and record her videos. Additionally, she makes sure to optimize the lighting, whether it’s natural light or artificial lights, to create the right mood and ambiance for her covers.

Setting up camera angles for different shots

Annie is skilled at setting up camera angles to capture different shots during her covers. She wants to showcase different perspectives and create a dynamic visual experience for her viewers. Whether it’s close-up shots of her playing the piano or wider shots that capture the entire scene, Annie knows how to make each shot impactful and visually engaging.

Showcasing the instrument and artist effectively

One of Annie’s goals is to effectively showcase both herself as the artist and her instrument, in this case, the piano. She strategically positions the camera to capture her playing the piano, highlighting her skills and passion for music. By focusing on both the artist and the instrument, Annie creates a well-rounded visual experience for her viewers.

Annie’s attention to detail in setting up the shots for her covers is crucial in creating visually appealing videos. She carefully considers the location, lighting, camera angles, and effectively showcases herself as the artist and her instrument. By putting thought into these aspects, Annie ensures that her covers not only sound great but also look visually stunning for her viewers to enjoy.

Equipment and Gear

Annie’s Preferred Equipment for Recording Covers

When it comes to creating high-quality cover songs, Annie Dang relies on a carefully chosen set of equipment. Her go-to camera for capturing stunning visuals is the Canon M50. With its advanced features, this camera allows Annie to showcase her musical talent with crystal-clear clarity.

For capturing crisp audio, Annie uses the Audio Technica 2035 microphone. This microphone ensures that every note and every word she sings is captured with utmost precision and fidelity, providing her listeners with an immersive sonic experience.

To bring all the elements together, Annie relies on Logic Pro X as her Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). This powerful software allows her to record, edit, and mix her vocals and piano tracks, giving her the freedom to create professional-grade covers.

With this exceptional combination of equipment and gear, Annie is able to produce captivating covers that showcase her passion and dedication to her craft. Whether it’s the camera, the microphone, or the DAW, Annie always strives for excellence, ensuring that her audience enjoys an immersive and enjoyable musical experience.

Acknowledging DonnerDeal

Annie Dang expresses her gratitude towards DonnerDeal for gifting her a piano and spreading music during the holiday season. She promotes DonnerDeal as a valuable resource for beginners, highlighting their wide range of instruments and resources. In particular, Annie mentions the Donner DDP-80 Digital Piano and its retro aesthetic, making it a perfect addition to any home. She describes its features, including its 88-key weighted keys and expertly sampled acoustic French grand piano tone. Annie also appreciates the headphone jack, which allows for quiet practice sessions. She emphasizes the stunning vintage wood design that complements her home and praises how phenomenal it looks.

Moreover, Annie discusses Donner’s collaboration with Berklee College of Music, offering free music courses to the public. She emphasizes the value of having access to online learning resources and the opportunity for aspiring musicians to learn from esteemed professors. Annie includes links to the piano and Donner resources, encouraging viewers to explore these offerings further. By acknowledging DonnerDeal’s contribution to her journey, Annie highlights the company’s commitment to inspiring artists and providing excellent instruments and educational opportunities.

Inspiration from Artists

Annie’s admiration for Kurt Hugo Schneider

Annie recalls how, when she was younger, cover songs performed by artists like Kurt Hugo Schneider captivated her. She saw these artists as her heroes, drawing inspiration from their talent and creativity. Their ability to transform popular songs into unique covers fueled Annie’s desire to pursue a similar path.

Tori Kelly as an influential figure

Another artist who greatly influenced Annie is Tori Kelly. Annie admits that she listened solely to cover versions of songs, including Tori Kelly’s renditions. Tori’s artistry inspired Annie to immerse herself in the world of cover songs. Her distinct vocal style and genuine passion for music motivated Annie to enhance her own skills and develop her signature sound.

How their creativity motivates Annie

Both Kurt Hugo Schneider and Tori Kelly’s creativity and talent continue to drive Annie’s passion for making covers. Their ability to breathe new life into familiar songs encourages Annie to find her unique interpretation of each song she covers. Their dedication to their craft and their ability to captivate audiences through their covers inspire Annie to push past her own limitations, experiment with new styles, and continue honing her skills. Through their artistic journeys, Annie finds the motivation to explore her own musical abilities and create covers that resonate with her audience.

Donner DDP-80 Digital Piano

Sponsorship from Donner and the DDP-80

I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude to DonnerDeal for generously gifting me the Donner DDP-80 Digital Piano. This holiday season, DonnerDeal is spreading the joy of music with their amazing instruments and resources for beginners. As an aspiring musician, I am thrilled to have their support and share their incredible products with you all.

Features and Design of the Digital Piano

The Donner DDP-80 is a stunning 88-key digital piano that boasts a retro aesthetic and complements any home decor. With its expertly sampled acoustic French grand piano tones, this instrument delivers a rich and authentic sound experience. The DDP-80 comes equipped with weighted keys and a three-foot pedal, providing a smooth and realistic playing experience that mimics that of a real grand piano.

Benefits of Using the Donner DDP-80

Not only does the Donner DDP-80 sound amazing, but it also offers a range of benefits for experienced and aspiring pianists alike. This digital piano can be played out loud through its built-in speakers or connected to your smartphone, tablet, or computer via USB for private practice. The DDP-80 even includes a headphone jack, allowing you to practice quietly without disturbing anyone at home.

Collaboration with Berklee College of Music

Donner’s partnership with Berklee College of Music

Annie Dang also highlights the collaboration between Donner and Berklee College of Music in her video. She mentions that Donner has teamed up with professors from Berklee College of Music to offer the Donner Berkeley Tutor course series, which provides a unique set of music courses that are available for free to the public. This collaboration shows Donner’s dedication to inspiring artists and equipping musical enthusiasts with excellent instruments and online learning resources.

Free music courses offered to the public

The Donner Berkeley Tutor course series offers a range of music courses that cover various topics such as music theory, composition, and performance techniques. These courses are an incredible opportunity for aspiring musicians to learn from experienced professors and enhance their skills in a structured and professional environment. The fact that these courses are available for free to the public makes them even more accessible for anyone who wants to pursue their passion for music.

The impact of this collaboration on Annie’s journey

Annie acknowledges the importance of this collaboration in her own musical journey. She expresses her gratitude to Donner for not only providing her with the digital piano but also for supporting the larger music community through initiatives like the partnership with Berklee College of Music. This collaboration has undoubtedly contributed to Annie’s growth as a musician and has provided her with valuable resources and opportunities to further develop her skills.

By mentioning this collaboration, Annie not only highlights the impressive features of the Donner DDP-80 Digital Piano but also encourages her viewers to take advantage of the free music courses offered by Donner and Berklee College of Music. This shows her genuine interest in helping others pursue their passion for music and fostering a supportive and inclusive community of musicians.


Annie thanks viewers and supporters

Thank you for joining me on this journey behind the scenes of recording my covers! I appreciate all the support and love that you’ve shown me. It means the world to me to have such an amazing community of viewers. Your encouragement and kind words keep me motivated to continue making music.

Encouragement for others to pursue their own covers

I want to encourage each and every one of you to pursue your own covers and put yourselves out there. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting or if you’re a seasoned musician. Music is meant to be shared, and there’s no better feeling than expressing yourself through song. Don’t be afraid to take risks and challenge yourself. You never know what you’re capable of until you try.

Final thoughts on Annie Dang’s journey with cover songs

This video has allowed me to reflect on my own journey with cover songs. From being obsessed with cover versions to becoming an expert in creating them, it has been a fulfilling and rewarding experience. I’ve learned so much along the way and I continue to learn and grow with each cover that I make.

Making covers has not only allowed me to showcase my love for music, but it has also given me the opportunity to connect with others who share the same passion. I am grateful for the support I’ve received and for the amazing opportunities that have come my way.

Thank you once again for joining me on this journey, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for all of us. Keep making music and keep spreading love through your covers!

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