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Eyeglass frame styles
According to the lens installation method, the eyeglass styles can be divided into the full-rim frame, half-rim frame, rimless frame, and browline glasses frame.
1, full-rim frame glasses
Full-rim frame glasses, the lens all around, are wrapped by the frame. The advantage is that the lens is fixed firmly, not easy to fall off; the frame through the screw fixed lens, so you can easily unscrew the screw to clean or replace the lens, the maintenance of glasses is less trouble, but the disadvantage is more than half a frame, the weight of glasses increased. Fashion glasses, decorative glasses, and sunglasses are generally full-rim frame glasses. Full-rim frame glasses mostly give a feeling of composure. The frame can cover the thickness of the lens well, so it is suitable for a strong prescription of lenses.
2, half-rim frame glasses
The upper part of the lens of half-rim frame glasses is wrapped and fixed by the frame, while the lower part is fixed with a ribbon, the weight will be lighter than full-frame ones after half a frame is missing, but the firmness is a little lower than full-frame ones, and the lens is more difficult to take off and requires special tools. Half-frame glasses will give people a sense of svelte.
3, rimless glasses
As the name suggests, the rimless glasses frame does not fix the lens, but the lens is punched through the screws fixed by the legs. Greatly reduces the weight of the frame and can significantly reduce the impact of glasses on the shape. But the overall stability of rimless glasses is not good; they are easy to deform, glasses by the external force will all be concentrated in the fixed screws, the lens is easy to break, and rimless glasses frame protection lens is also easy to wear. In addition, the side of the lens is all exposed, so it is not suitable for the high degree of thickness of the lens; otherwise, the side of the easy to make people feel that the glasses are very bulky.
4, browline glasses frame
The browline glasses frame is only the uppermost frame line, the lens does not need to punch, but through the wire fixed in the upper frame, the weight of this frame than the half-rim frame be small, and the overall stability than no frame to be good, the frame of the external force is mostly borne by the frame and will not be transferred to the lens. Like rimless frames, these frames are not suitable for lenses with a high prescription.

Eyeglass frame Nose pad styles.
There are three types of nose pads, fixed, movable, and no nose pads styles.
Fixed nose pad
The fixed type is generally used in the plate frame, the nosepiece, and the frame to form one; the nosepiece and the frame use the same material, and maintenance is more convenient, unlike the movable type as often to screw a screw, but also not easy to hide dirt does not require frequent cleaning, its biggest drawback is that the angle of the nosepiece can not be adjusted, can not fit well on the bridge of the nose, if you choose a bad will not fit the phenomenon, increasing the local pressure.
Movable nasal brace
The movable nose pad can be screwed as the axis, according to the shape of the nasal bridge, up and down to do 20-60 degrees of automatic adjustment, which can ensure that the entire nosepiece is evenly pressed on the nasal bridge to ensure that the pressure on the nasal bridge part of the uniform force, reduce the local pressure. However, the disadvantage is that the tightness of the screws should be checked frequently, and the pile box for fixing the nasal bracket is easy to get dirty, so it should be cleaned up frequently, especially if the bracket is made of rust-prone stainless steel or copper alloy, which is difficult to clean up. Nose pads generally use silicone material, with a long time easy to yellowing affect the beauty; every once in a while should be replaced.
Noseless frames
Nose-less frames are mostly used in metal frames, generally with round frames, and look more retro, because there is no nose bracket, its structure is simple and easy to clean so that the nose also looks better.

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