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Choosing the Topic and Vibe

Deciding on the topic

To start writing a song under time pressure, the first step is to determine the topic you want to explore. In this case, Annie and Amir decided to focus on the experience of visiting a new city or moving to a city for the first time. They wanted to capture the feelings of excitement, nervousness, and the desire to fit in. Choosing a relatable topic is crucial when creating under time constraints, as it allows you to quickly immerse yourself in the writing process.

Setting the vibe

Once the topic is established, it’s essential to set the overall vibe of the song. Annie and Amir decided to go with a warm and soothing sound by incorporating the Quokka Tunes Kalimba. They emphasize that incorporating new sounds into their music is one of their favorite parts of the creative process. The Kalimba, with its pre-engraved notes and easy playability, provides a unique and melodic sound that perfectly aligns with the chosen topic and creates a relaxing atmosphere.

By choosing a specific topic and setting the right vibe, Annie and Amir were able to quickly immerse themselves in the songwriting process and create a verse within minutes. Their synergy and ability to translate ideas into musical concepts were pivotal in their success.

Introducing the Kalimba

Exploring the sound of the Kalimba

In this video, Annie Dang and Ameer Corro challenged themselves to write a song in just one hour. Before diving into the creative process, Annie wanted to express her gratitude towards their sponsor, Quokka Tunes, for providing them with beautiful Kalimbas. The unique sound of the Kalimba played an essential role in their song creation. With its warm and soothing tones, the Kalimba served as the perfect instrument to convey the emotions of their lyrics.

Benefits of using a Kalimba

Annie and Ameer explained that the Kalimba is incredibly beginner-friendly, as it comes pre-engraved with notes on its metal tines. This feature makes it easy for beginners to start playing and experimenting with the instrument. They also highlighted how incorporating new sounds into their music is what makes the process so enjoyable. The Kalimba’s distinctive sound added a captivating and melodic element to their song, giving it a unique and memorable quality.

The video showcased the creative journey of writing a song under time pressure and how the Kalimba played a significant role in their musical process. By incorporating the Kalimba’s distinct sound, Annie and Ameer were able to successfully create a heartfelt and captivating song within the one-hour time frame.

Recording and Writing Process

Setting the timer and starting the writing process

In this video, Annie and Amir set themselves a challenge to write a song in just one hour. With the timer set, they begin their creative process. Annie suggests writing a song about the experience of visiting a new city and the emotions that come with it. They aim to capture the nervousness, excitement, and desire to fit in. To kickstart the musical inspiration, they incorporate the Quokka Tunes Kalimba, known for its warm and soothing sounds.

Brainstorming lyrical ideas

As the timer begins, Annie and Amir start brainstorming lyrics rapidly. They aim to generate a multitude of ideas to choose from. Amir lays down some drums to further inspire the lyrical process. Throughout their brainstorming, they make lyrical adjustments, such as changing “New York” to “city” to make it more relatable.

Adding drums and production elements

As they proceed, the duo adds drums and production elements to enhance their song’s overall sound and feel. The incorporation of different musical elements adds depth and texture to their composition.

Making lyrical adjustments

During the writing process, Annie and Amir frequently make lyrical adjustments to ensure the lyrics not only convey their intended emotions but also flow well within the song. They prioritize choosing words and phrases that feel good to say and suit the song’s overall vibe and message.

By following their creative instincts and leveraging each other’s strengths, Annie and Amir successfully complete the songwriting process within the given one-hour time frame.

Developing the Verse

Creating a scene and setting up the story

Before diving into writing the verse of the song, it’s crucial to establish the scene and set up the story. Annie and Amir decided to write a song about visiting a new city or moving to a city for the first time, capturing the feelings of nervousness, excitement, and the desire to fit in. They wanted the listeners to relate to the experience of being somewhere unfamiliar and unsure of what the city holds.

Writing the verse lyrics

With the idea in mind, Annie and Amir started brainstorming lyric ideas and recorded them in Logic Pro X. Quickly, they discussed changing “New York” to “city” to make it more relatable to a wider audience. They emphasized the importance of finding words that feel good to say and convey the desired emotions, even if they may not accurately reflect their personal experiences.

In just six minutes, Annie and Amir crafted a verse that sets up the story with lines like “I’ve already packed my bags” and “the city isn’t friendly, but it’s giving me a chance.” Their strong synergy and shared vision fueled the quick progress.

Stay tuned for more on the songwriting process and the finished demo coming soon!

Crafting the Chorus

Building a catchy and relatable chorus

When writing a song under time pressure, it’s important to create a chorus that captures the essence of the song and hooks the listener. The chorus is the most memorable part of a song, so it needs to be catchy and relatable. It should resonate with the audience and convey the main message of the song.

Drawing inspiration from other songs

One way to craft a compelling chorus is to draw inspiration from other songs. Listen to music that you enjoy and take note of the choruses that stick with you. Pay attention to the melodies, lyrics, and overall feel of those choruses. Use them as a starting point for your own chorus, but be sure to add your own unique touch.

Structuring the chorus

When structuring the chorus, consider using a two-bar phrase, as it tends to work well in creating a memorable melody. Keep the melody simple but impactful, and choose lyrics that flow smoothly with the melody. Make sure the chorus stands out from the verses by using a different chord progression or melody.

Remember, when writing a song in just one hour, prioritize creating a chorus that resonates with your intended audience and showcases your creativity. Get ready to sing along and capture the hearts of your listeners!

Working with Time Constraints

Keeping track of time

When creating music under time pressure, it is crucial to keep track of the clock. Set a timer for the designated time period, whether it’s one hour or any other specific timeframe. This will help you stay focused and ensure that you finish within the allotted time. Use countdowns or reminders to stay aware of the remaining time and adjust your work accordingly.

Feeling the pressure

Working under time pressure can be intense, but it can also be exhilarating. Embrace the challenge and let the pressure fuel your creativity. The limited time forces you to make quick decisions and trust your instincts. Remember that even if you don’t finish everything perfectly, the goal is to create something within the given timeframe.

Working efficiently

To make the most out of your limited time, it’s essential to work efficiently. Start by brainstorming ideas quickly and then narrow down your focus. Prioritize the most important elements and make strategic choices to maximize your time. Experiment with different instruments or sounds that are quick and easy to incorporate. Utilize tools or instruments that you are familiar with to save time on learning new techniques.

With careful planning, efficient decision-making, and a positive mindset, creating music under time pressure can be a thrilling and rewarding experience. Embrace the challenge, trust your creativity, and enjoy the process of making music within a limited timeframe.

Writing the Pre-Chorus

Adding a Transitional Section

When writing a song under time pressure, transitions between different sections are crucial to maintain the flow and coherence of the music. For our pre-chorus, we wanted to create a smooth transition from the verse to the chorus. We decided to incorporate a short transitional section to build anticipation and bridge the gap between the two parts of the song.

Completing the pre-chorus lyrics

To add depth and meaning to the pre-chorus, we thought about the emotions and experiences of moving to a new city. We wanted to capture the feeling of uncertainty and excitement. After brainstorming, we came up with the lyrics:

“But it’s giving me a chance, though the city isn’t friendly But it’s giving me a chance, like every artist in New York City”

We chose to mention New York City as an example of a place that can be daunting for newcomers. By using these lyrics, we hoped to convey the vulnerability and determination that comes with starting fresh in a new environment.

With the pre-chorus now complete, we moved on to the next part of our songwriting process – creating the chorus. Stay tuned for the next section where we’ll explore crafting an impactful chorus that captures the essence of our song.

Finalizing the Song

Wrapping up the writing process

After brainstorming ideas and coming up with a concept for the song, Annie and Amir dive into the writing process. They start the timer and begin blurting out lyric ideas, trying to capture the essence of moving to a new city. They make adjustments along the way, like changing “New York” to “City” for broader appeal. With only an hour to work with, they quickly write the verse, create a chorus, and even add a pre-chorus. Throughout the process, they emphasize the importance of finding words and phrases that feel good to say and serve the song’s overall feeling.

Recording the demo

With the songwriting complete, Amir begins the production process. He uses Logic to record the kalimba and adds effects to enhance the sound. Meanwhile, Annie starts writing the harmonies. Time is running out, but they manage to finish recording everything just in time.

Listening to the finished song

After the timer goes off, Annie and Amir take a moment to reflect on their experience. They share their thoughts and exhaustion, but they’re thrilled with what they have accomplished. They’re excited to show the final result—a heartfelt song about moving to a new city—to their viewers.

In just one hour, Annie and Amir successfully wrote and recorded a song, demonstrating that creativity can thrive under time pressure.


Reflection on the experience

Writing a song under time pressure was an adrenaline-fueled experience. Annie and Amir faced the challenge head-on and managed to compose a complete song in just one hour. The excitement and energy throughout the process were palpable, and despite almost running out of time, they successfully finished the song.

Importance of creativity under time pressure

Creating music under time pressure pushes artists to think quickly and make creative decisions on the spot. In this case, Annie and Amir had to brainstorm ideas, write lyrics, and compose melodies in a limited amount of time. This exercise not only tests their artistic abilities but also cultivates their problem-solving skills, adaptability, and collaborative teamwork. It proves that great music can be made under challenging circumstances.

Overall, the experience of creating music under time pressure was an incredible feat. Annie and Amir showcased their talent, passion, and ability to think on their feet. It is a reminder of the boundless creativity that can emerge when artists are challenged to work within constraints.

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