Continuing The Conversation On Mental Health

United By Emotion | Olympic Fever

The 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta Georgia was the first time I had Olympic fever. I was so in awe of the athletes…the total body-mind and emotional commitment of everything – everything they have trained so hard for at the sound of the gun…

I remember the excitement of the crowd in the stadium and also the ads that spoke to the immense pressure that the athletes were under…

“You don’t win silver, You lose gold”
“Second place is the first Loser”

It’s obvious that these elite athletes are under enormous stress. It’s also very clear that athlete or not

Mind Matters Most

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Continuing the conversation about Mental Health…

Being your Best also means
Knowing how to take the
The Best care of yourSelf

Mind and Body Connection

When Simone Biles withdrew from the U.S. Olympic team competition to prioritize her mental health she was celebrated by some and received a lot of criticism from others.

It’s time to stop prioritizing Physical Health over Mental Health.

It’s all connected!
The controversy Simone Biles and others like her face is embedded in the past when silence and shame prevailed with the “suck it up and power through” mindset.
I am very proud of these young amazing athletes – trailblazers signalling a new day and more conversation about:

  • Compassion for Self and Others
  • Awareness of Mind-Body Health & Wellness
  • Prioritizing Mental Health and Self-Care as a strength, not a weakness

When mental stress and being overwhelm manifested into physical symptoms called the twisties Simone Biles had to step back and re-center herself or risk serious injury.

What are the Twisties?

In sports when there’s a disconnection between the brain and body it’s called the twisties. Your mind and body don’t work together and you can make a false move which can be incredibly dangerous.

The result of a lack of communication between the brain and the body in Simone Biles’s case was caused by the build-up of internal pressure and significant external stress. This kind of overwhelm reduces fine motor coordination and could have put her in danger of a life-threatening injury if she had not prioritized her mental health.

It is very clear Mindful Friends
Professional athlete or not..Mind Matters Most

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