ASMR YOUR PERSONAL SLEEP THERAPIST ❤︎ (Personal Questions, Up Close Whispers, 3dio Sounds)

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Free Medicine For the Mind – Zen Meditation

Are you ready to wake up? Do you know how to meditate? Master these 10 simple steps and you will be able to get all the powerful benefits of Zen meditation.

Brain Training Gives Your Whole Brain a Kick in the Butt

Our brain however is something else. It needs a whole different kind of care. Most of all it needs constant challenge. If we do not challenge our brain from day to day, it starts to fall ‘asleep’ so to speak. And the sleepier our brain is, the sooner we get forgetful, hazy, disoriented etc. as we grow older. We blame that to old age, but we should blame ourselves for not taking care of our brain properly.

Daydreaming is a Great Tool For Your Brain Training – So Do Not Stop Dreaming, Ever!

Not that I need to kick off. Using your imagination – and what better use of it than daydreaming – turns out to be a fantastic way to keep your brain active and challenged. Now what better way to train your brain when you are having fun at the same time? Come to think of it, all the great inventions through the centuries must have started with a daydream on this or that.

The Law of Thinking and Using Habit Directions and the Analyzing Intellect (Part 4)

When “working” with your thinking activities, use a habit direction, take a safe habit, or create a new one, a change habit. See a vision, never experienced before.

How Do You and I Find Genuine Brain Training Games on the Internet?

So how do you and I find brain training games on the internet that are worth our while and our money (some dollars only)? There are so many websites that claim to sell these games and so many ads as well, all claiming the same thing. Where and how do we find the pearls? I would say, let us do some dd – due diligence – and we will soon find out more.

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