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The Mind is a Phenomenal Part of Us

Beliefs develop over time and throughout our lives, we add one after another. Sometimes we attempt to adopt the beliefs of others in our search for meaning.

Train Your Brain With Meditation, Biofeedback, Cognitive Therapy and Training

Mental or brain training goes beyond simple mental activity. It is the structured use of mental exercises or techniques aimed at improving specific brain functions and strengthening the brain areas using meditation, biofeedback, cognitive therapy and cognitive training.

How Much Mental Horsepower Can You Muster If You Were Mandated?

Many people psyche themselves out when it comes to their mental abilities. Math students often do this when they a look at really complex equations, which they don’t understand. In fact, many of them say “it looks like Greek to me,” and since they don’t know this foreign language we call higher-end mathematics they give up literally before they start.

The Genesis of a New Job

The big questions and perhaps the fear of many is for how long should I remain at this job before starting my own. Before even thinking of quitting your old job to start yours, it is important and advisable you understand or master the field of business you want to go into…

Pushing Up Against the Ultra-High Intelligence Levels – Keep Feeding That Mind of Yours!

The reality is there are not very many super high IQ geniuses in our civilization and society. The reality is that those of 180+ IQ are really about one in 1 million. Meaning there are only about 300 or so in the United States, and in China perhaps 1300, based on their 1.3 billion people.

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