ASMR STEAMPUNK DOCTOR CHECK-UP (Lens Test, Unblocking Your Ears, Personal Attention, Soft Spoken)

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Want to Keep Your Job? Brain Training Might Be Just For You!

If you want to stand out in the masses, you have to excel. I suppose you agree with me on that. In these economic bad times keeping your job or finding a new one if you were fired, is a job on itself. There are so many people who could be your rival that you have to take drastic measures to stay in the shortlists. Brain training may help you to do just that…

Study These Study Tips – 15 Ways to Facilitate Learning

Children often hold the mistaken impression that when they finish high school or college, their studying days will be over. Most adults know the truth–there’s always new knowledge to be acquired, both on and off the job. You’ll find 15 study tips in this article. They’ll ease your transition into becoming a knowledge-meister.

The Almighty Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind is one that is living within you logic processes, and while it is not there for you to see in plain sight, do not be mistaken. It is one of the most powerful parts of the human psyche and it has a hand in controlling every aspect of your mind. One thing you need to know is that we always underestimate the power of the subconscious mind and this is something that we need to stop doing. It is far more powerful that we take it for and we need to start learning how to use this to our advantage. What you need to first and foremost know about, is why it is there and how does it function as an entity living within the cortex of our brain.

Diving Into the Deep – Uncharted Mental Oceans

Just how deep can you go with abyssal mind stimulus is a query umpteenth have asked themselves as they pondered over the many new products that promise to reprogramme the unconscious mind. The term unconscious denotes that within your brain, there is an awareness, a preconception of a thinking and living psyche that resides abyssal within the cortex. It is not something that is tangible, something that can be placed under a microscope, but it lives and runs as omnipresence if you like, that has outstanding command over the rest of the psyche.

Mindset, Meditation, Brain Entrainment = Happiness, Wealth and Health

This article describes my journey of discovery, finding meditation and various methods to enhance my life. As a result I have become much happier, healthier and wealthier. Find here the fundamentals to success and well being.

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