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Becoming Present

Whether you are new or familiar with spiritual concepts, the one key thing across all of the teachings (meditation, kabbalah, mysticism of any kind, personal development classes, and yes even Tony Robins) is that humans in general are not present. In fact most of us have never had a present moment in our lives or very few of them. So how does one become present?

Nutrition and Memory Improvement

Just like nutritional diet helps us to have a healthy body, it helps in memory improvement as well. In our everyday life, there are several elements like stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, depression, and hormonal imbalances, which can adversely affect our mind and health. All these factors can lead to poor concentration, deteriorating skill and ability, as well as poor learning power, which are major signs of poor memory.

Art of Doing Nothing Is Actually Hard Work

It may come as a shock but actually doing nothing is actually very hard work. It is not easy getting away with pottering about for too long. There are so many directions and pressures that society expect from the idler.

Brain Power Secrets – Becoming a Genius Through Dream Analysis

There are numerous things you do in life that suffocate your brain power because you are influenced by your animal tendencies. The unconscious mind that produces your dreams works like a natural doctor. Through dream interpretation, you learn how to transform your primitive conscience into human. This is how you’ll become a genius, using your entire brain power. Let’s suppose you saw the following dream: You are walking in an open field, and a dog is following you. Then, you find a mountain. You have to climb up the mountain, but the dog doesn’t let you climb.

Thinking Upon The River Of Dreams

Dreams, they can tell you a little when you are conscious of them after a good night sleep, they can tell you a lot. But one thing is for certain, they are an interesting phenomenon, and powerful. They are more than just the subconscious mind clearing itself, I am convinced of that.

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