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Change Your Life – Apply Some Innovation

Everyone is born with the potential to be innovative, but I bet you’re now thinking ‘nope, not me’. If you are indeed thinking that, then the chances are that you know someone who is highly creative and innovative, full of ideas, with the creativity to realize them.

If I Imagine Success, Will I Achieve It?

What’s your opinion? If my outlook on life is one of pessimism. If I drag myself around the place my head full of a really good idea, but because I’ve always failed in the past I’ll fail again this time, do you think that by some miracle I’ll suddenly make a roaring success of a venture I’ve just undertaken?

The Way To a Better Life

I’m sure that you will have heard of the Pareto Rule about time management. This states that 80% of your effort that are not effectively managed in terms of time or focus produce only 20% of the outcome you were aiming for.

Four Essentials For Maintaining a Healthy Mind

Our Mind is one of our most precious possessions; it’s also a possession that is easy to take for granted. Rarely as human beings do we take stock and hold inventory of our thoughts and perpetual mediations. But this simple habit can mean the difference between a healthy productive mind, operating at optimum, a servant able to enable the manifestation of our destiny. Or a troubled storm torn vessel, unable to assist us is in the vicissitudes of life. In this article I want to highlight four main elements I feel will be deeply useful to consider when we are endeavouring to corral our minds in the direction that will produce the most desired results.

Stop The Stories In Your Head

How many times have you been faced with a situation such as a networking meeting, presentation, or social gathering and before you ever got there you start building a story in your head. You started trying to determine the outcome, you started to reflect back to the last time you had to get up in front of other people and remembered how uncomfortable you got. You started to associate your old feelings and fears to this new situation you are rapidly approaching.

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