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Fighting Old Age – Maintain Brain Power

Studies suggest that our brains start noticeably losing their ability to remember, focus and concentrate as early as by age 40. Many experts claim that by age 50 we’ve lost fully 50 percent of our brainpower! An inevitable fact of aging? Not on your life!

Defining My Life – What is the Meaning?

I began my soul-searching journey at the age of thirty-four. My mother-in-law was an alcoholic, and I really wanted to help her. The first thing I did was visit a rehabilitation center for some advice and insight to the affairs of this disease. It was surprising to learn about the problems and the underlying issues surrounding it. An intervention seemed unlikely because the family members were resistant. However, this had set me upon a learning quest.

“My IQ is 160 to 170, But How Does One Judge Creativity?” She Asked

Not long ago, I talked to a very wise individual with a super high IQ, they let me know right up front of their IQ was 160 to 170, easily making them one in 1 million. In fact, they had been using their brilliance, and genius to come up with a wind powered car. That’s right an automobile that runs on wind power, now that would be amazing. Could it be done? Indeed, I do believe wind-cars are potentially possible with new materials we should be able to get closer to that reality. And with her IQ level; Wow, that’s pretty high up there! She’d be able to figure it all out I bet.

Why You Are Worth More Than You’ll Ever Know

Do you ever think how much you are really worth? I am not talking in monetary terms, but if I was you would be worth more than any high paid sports or pop star. The atoms in your body alone could give enough power to a small town for over a week. As I said, I am not talking about how much you are worth in pounds, dollars, shillings and cents.

When Failure is Not an Option

We tend to lose our focus on why we decided to start a business in the first place. In order to avoid failure in business, one need to remain focused. Set goals & reach them. Have a plan/business plan and follow it. Stay focused to the end. Do not allow yourself to get side tracked by all the other “Next Big Thing” opportunities that are constantly popping up.

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