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Eat Chocolate For a Higher IQ

Chocolate contains a large amount of antioxidants, which make your brain function better. Also, in addition to boosting your intellectual capacity, antioxidants also help your body remain young and fresh for a larger period of time: thus double effect – youth for your mind and body.

Can Mind Games Help You Improve Your Intelligence?

There have been numerous debates about the different types of activities which are able of increasing the IQ. Many of them were thought to be useless, while others were labeled as highly efficient. About mind games, people have always had different opinions: their fans say that these games have made them see things much clearer and have offered them a simple and pleasant way of increasing their IQ, while those disliking these activities strongly affirm that there is no connection between mind games and improving the intelligence.

Caffeine and Its Impact Upon Increasing the IQ

The miraculous ingredient which makes all these drinks highly effective in fighting sleep and tiredness and boosting the energy is caffeine. People heavily rely on it for solving all their tasks in a limited period of time and with minimum physical effort. It has become as used as all the other basic foods and drinks.

Training Your Mind to Deal With Emotional Setbacks – 1

The Mind can be described as an automatically rechargeable functional unit, a limitless space where uncountable thoughts can exist in some or the other form, a logical unit which can formulate uncountable operations, an imperfect machine that can give out numerous perfect creations including a perfectly polished mirror. There could be countless words that can be used to describe the mind and its power and there have been creations including the wonders of the world and the space ships that indicate the capabilities of the human mind.

Binaural Beats and Telepathy

Telepathy, with its modern meaning being the ability to receive and transmit thoughts in the form of words or mental pictures using only your mind, has been held in the domain of lunatics and crackpots for many years, until very recently. There have been numerous scientific investigations into the Telepathy phenomena that stretch as far back as 1917, and as with all data collected using scientific methods in an attempt to prove or disprove the existence of this sixth sense, all returned non verifiable results, hence the scientific community labelled Telepathy as “Non Existent fantasy” and continued to concentrate on more “down to Earth” experimentations.

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