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Four Things That Keep Us Awake at Night and Should Not

There are certain things in this life that make us worried for all the wrong reasons. We sit at night pondering through them one after the other hoping that we would feel different about them. Sometimes even the thought of worrying about them makes us believe that we are doing something about it.

What Else is There?

Turning up your awareness is easier than you think and more powerful than you would believe. It is as easy as asking yourself ‘what else is there?’

Is an Emotion the Same As a Feeling?

I bet you think they are the same, well they are not. Well some might say that an emotion is much deeper and stronger than a feeling. That might be true from one point of view. But this is my spin on this subject; I say that you can observe your feelings but not your emotions. I find this subject matter quite interesting, I hope you do also.

Limiting Beliefs – Your BELIEF Does Not Mean FACT

Ok lets be very clear about this, a ‘belief’ doesn’t mean it’s a fact – it’s actually only your perception of the truth and this can be changed, with some work. One great example of this is our pre-programmed beliefs about money – most of us have inherited negative beliefs or bad vibes about money and this really sticks with us, even if we don’t fully know where these thoughts or feelings originally came from.

Limiting Beliefs – Can We Eliminate Them?

Our belief system is started from birth to six years old. Everything we see, hear, feel and experience during these formative years will affect our lives as adults.

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