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The Forgotten Secrets of the Indisputable Law of Learning!

How many of you know that there is an Indisputable Law of Learning? Whether you are aware of it or not Learning is a fundamental and indisputable law of life. You may be wondering why I am referring to it as a Law. Well if you are paying close attention, I referred to it as an Indisputable Law. That which is Indisputable means there is nothing in existence that can be proven contrary to it or dispute the existence of it.

How to Use Alpha Brain Waves Stimulation to Improve Your Life

When you feel perfectly relaxed or drowsy the thalamus produces alpha brain waves. These are the most beneficial ones of all the brainwaves.

Asking Your Subconscious Mind Favors

We’ve all had those pesky occasions where we’ve totally forgotten something we really need to recall/remember. It’s really frustrating when that thing is just on the ‘tip of your tongue’ but just won’t come. But, sometimes we can be blessed with serendipitous recall. Just how does that work?

Mindset Development Training – Choose to Be Happy

This article discusses a mindset development training concept of choosing to be happy. Many people in our our world don’t know that happiness is a choice.

Seeking Simplicity

Seeking simplicity is as simple as it sounds. There should be no reason why we can’t have it. Unless of of course we do not want to.

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