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How to Manifest Your Dreams – With the Help of Visualisations

Visualisations are a key component of achieving a goal, it doesn’t matter whether the goal is to lose weight, purchase a new car or be rich – the reason that they work is that they help you to experience what the results of your goal will feel like. Seeing the result of their goal is one of the most common factors in successful people, virtually all of the world’s most successful people use this technique in one way or another.

Self Development Success – Just Do ONE Thing

It’s very easy for us to feel completely swamped by our intense feelings and once we get into a cycle of this, it is difficult to break out of it. But there is an easy tip that you can do today to help to overcome this feeling of intense negativity. So how are you feeling today?

Have a Talk With Your Mind

Have you ever given a thought of how and why you are where you are now? Sometimes you must be thinking what’s makes you think you want to be at the point of where you are now.

Five Reasons Why People We Love Disappoint Us

More often than not we reflect upon circumstances in life and ask ourselves the question, why people we love and care about are the same people that let us down. Whether it is family, friends, children or our partners they seem to make us wish we had nothing to do with them. Below are the key reasons why this happens.

Downloading 10,000 Brains of Super-Stars of Humanity – Future Possibility

It has been surmised that in the future we will be able to download our human brains and store the memories and information. If we download our brains let’s say two times per day, everything will still be very vivid in our memories. If we did it once per day, our recall would be pretty darn good. But what if we could download our brains every 10 minutes, or any time we felt that a significant event in our life was happening – wow, permanent vivid life byte memories.

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