A spiritual solution to your (too long) to-do list

A spiritual solution to your to do list

I know it is time to offer tips on a specific topic when I start hearing the same issue arising again and again in my conversations and private mentoring sessions. Recently, many women have been telling me they are frustrated and overwhelmed and not feeling focused or productive.

One of my clients shared that she’s completely stuck in a cycle of making to-do lists which never get done. Another woman told me that she ends (every!) work day frustrated because she can never put a “check” next to all the items on her list. Then she brings her frustration into her evening, often lashing out at her husband.

I offered a spiritual solution, and I am sharing this solution with you in today’s vlog.

Ready to find a spiritual solution to your never-ending to-do list?

Grab your to-do list, blank paper, sticky notes, and a pen, and watch today’s vlog.

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