A rare opportunity to learn about yourself

Acem Training in Interpersonal Communication 21 -29 May 2022

Learn from new experiences in interaction with others! This is a unique course; it doesn’t resemble any other training with a similar name. It builds on experience-based, exploratory, and deepening group processes.

We are happy to be able to invite Acem meditators from all countries to this very special event. In 2020, the course was canceled due to the pandemic; in 2021, only Scandinavians could participate.

Twice every day, participants meet in small communication groups of six to nine people led by one or two facilitators. The agenda is open, and a wide range of moods and emotions are activated. The interaction between the participants initiates surprising group processes that reveal hitherto unconscious patterns in the ways we see and deal with each other. Personal reflection brings unexpected insights about how we are driven by feelings we didn’t even know we had.

As one of this year’s participants put it: “There is a lot underneath the surface of everyone”:

Marte de Picciotto, MSc, MBA

IMG 0373 cropI have become more aware of how my personality influences others. I have been surprised that what seems obvious and clear to others has often not been clear to me. The confidence I experienced during the course helped me both to experience and accept more of my feelings. I wouldn’t have been able to do that on my own, but I wish to become more active in this regard and try it out further. I will try to accept more, even the aggression of others. I have always tended to talk about the positive sides of things and to wish that everything will be fine. Now I will try to find a more natural balance. I have got to know other people more closely, and I have seen that there is a lot underneath the surface of everyone. I want to become more aware of this in my daily life – in order to improve my understanding of others. The course has moved me profoundly. The volunteer contribution of the leaders has left a big impression on me; this gives many people the opportunity to participate in this very special course.

In the words of another participant: “I earned important new experiences”:

Vadim Alekna, IT consultant

IMG 0349 cropAlthough I had heard about the communication course, I came there without many expectations about what it would be like. The first days were a bit overwhelming; then it became easier. I earned important new experiences. When I spoke out in the group, the others accepted it, and I learned that my perception of taking up too much space was exaggerated. I enjoyed all the activities in the group and didn’t want to go home at the end of the course.

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