Soft Lapping Ocean Waves at the Coast for Sleep & Relaxation – ASMR Water Sounds



Goodness Prevails

One who has an eye on exploiting benefits of others is a mean individual. One that in fact exploits benefits of others to his advantage or benefit is the meanest of all. God is concealed in benefits. Eliminate one ‘o’ from words great as well as God is there.

Love, Sex and Numerology: Numbers 1 Through 9 Part I

You’ve possibly seen day of birth numerology, and if you’re unconvinced, we comprehend. Our searchings for reveal us that instead of cherry-picking solitary factors such as the day of birth, pattern acknowledgment including numerous aspects is one of the most trusted means to interpret personal fate, personality, and compatibility.

Maintaining Your Inner Peace In The Midst Of Outer Dissonance

Finding internal peace in the presence of outer harshness is an effective method to assist us remain calm, regardless of the tumult in our external globe. It enhances our inner ability to browse life without clinging to or resisting the altering surroundings and to walk right ahead, regardless of what turns up! Below is exactly how to develop this superpower of tranquility.


God is neither a physical things neither outside the world. It is a mindset. God is the Electro-magnetic pulse of energy that provides life and lives within all. What we call our conscious/soul belongs to God within us. Spiritual individuals are not God-Less but recognize the God in all people. They live a Holy, Healthy And Balanced, Satisfied Life

The Big Show

The understanding that our choices make a difference. God has chosen us. Exactly how do we react. It’s time to rehearse.

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